Artists & Law – Making the Connection


What is Artistik License?


Artistik License aims to address the needs of artists and entrepreneurs everywhere, with particular emphasis on their unique legal and management queries. After all, our work means a lot to us, and we all want to be able to take care of it as best we can. The list of things you can do with specialized legal knowledge is endless, but learning about the law allows you to know your rights and boundaries.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Although Artistik License was initially intended to cater to the needs of artists and entrepreneurs living and working in India, it now embraces the concerns of these valuable individuals and their queries, no matter where they’re from.

As an information resource, it provides easily understood and accessible legal information to artists. Here, you can expect to find simplified explanations of legal concepts, and important legal updates vital to protecting your rights as an artist.


As a provider of basic legal services, it provides specialized assistance with respect to consulting, reviewing or drafting agreements and any other formal or semi-formal paperwork relevant to your work as an artist.


As an education and artist community resource, it organizes workshops, discussions and seminars in an effort to create spaces for amicable discussion on issues affecting artists as professionals. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to encourage informed and empowered decision making by artists.


As a social media management resource, it provides assistance with artist representation on basic social media platforms.


Read more about the founder of Artistik License here.


Disclaimer: Please note that Artistik License is here to help readers and users by providing them access to information that is being made available purely on the reader’s/user’s request. Readership of the blog is purely voluntary, with all those approaching this page, doing so of their own volition. 

Users and readers alike understand that the material on this site cannot be construed as an advertisement. It does not seek to solicit or invite work from others, nor does it intend or actually create a lawyer-client relationship with its readers/ users. In the event of seeking legal advice or services, the user or reader understands that they have to make a request of their own volition. 


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