2015: A year in review

2015 was a big year for us at Artistik License with us travelling and engaging more closely with the creative community all over the world. Having had the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of artists and innovators, it is easy for us to acknowledge that 2015 has definitely been one of our most exciting years yet.

Collaborations and Meet ups:

At the core of Artistik License, lies a deep appreciation for the arts and entrepreneurship. It is this core principle that guides us in our activities as well as the professional relationships we seek to nurture. Through the engagement of our founder, we were associated with the Construkt Festival 2015 – India’s largest Startup Festival. With a heavy focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation, the Construkt Festival provides participants with the chance to get involved in the country’s startup ecosystem traversing the fields of art, technology, culinary prowess and much more.

Picking up on the spirit of entrepreneurship, we were asked to share our thoughts with a range of audiences including some who were curious to learn more about women and their role in the Indian startup ecosystem as well as others who were eager to learn more about legal entrepreneurship. We would like to extend our gratitude to the creative community at BHIVE for including us in their programming on entrepreneurship as well as to “Super Lawyer” a much needed digital platform celebrating the achievements of  super lawyers of all kinds.

Travel, Conferences and Trade Events:

A big part of 2015 was spent in travel, with Artistik License finding itself among international stakeholders from the independent music industry as well as Intellectual Property Law experts and policy framers. Our goal at Artistik License is to achieve a multi-perspective understanding of issues affecting content creators across various creative disciplines and to provide advise keeping in mind these subtle nuances.

IOMMA Manojna/ALIn June, 2015 we had the opportunity to be a part of IOMMA when our founder was invited to speak about Copyright Societies, law and independent musicians in the Indian Ocean Region. IOMMA or the Indian Ocean Music Market is an annual event held at Reunion Island and serves as a point of convergence for members of the independent music and music business scene from countries such as France, Mauritius, Seychelles, America, South Africa and India. Informative panel discussions and networking during the day led up to powerful performances and showcases in the evening, allowing attendees a chance to experience each other’s culture and maybe learn a thing or two about how to bring some of it back to their own countries.

Research forms an integral part of our work and while we are trying to reboot some of our dormant projects, 2015 gave us the chance to really delve deeper into one of our favourite subjects of study – the interplay between copyright law and traditional cultural heritage. We presented our research on the utility of copyright law in the protection of traditional folk music and whether such a system influenced the location of folk music and the folk musicians in Indian public discourse as well as India’s socio-economic fabric, at the IAMCR 2015 held in Montreal, Canada. The stance is slightly controversial and while we were grateful to learn of it’s acceptance by other scholars present, we left knowing that this preliminary research is only the beginning of a much larger dialogue that we intend to be a part of.


October 2015 was by far one of our most exciting and stressful months as we prepared to attend our very first WOMEX. Invited as a speaker and delegate, our founder chaired the session on Folk Music, Cultural Appropriation and Copyright law. WOMEX is the world’s largest annual congregation of world music professionals and comprises a trade fair, conference, showcase festival and film festival. They say your first WOMEX is always special, and we are both, grateful and humbled by the sheer magnitude of the creative forces present at WOMEX 2015. It is easy to be overwhelmed by so much information and so we are especially grateful to some wonderful artists and industry professionals who made us feel right at home, welcoming our thoughts and helping us better understand their insights.

XChange 15Our year ended on a great note with Indiearth Xchange, the annual trade event, conference, music and film showcase event organized by Indiearth in Chennai. As always Xchange promised great performances, strong content and discussions with delegates from various countries including India, Reunion Island, Australia and France, to name a few. Our founder was invited to share a discussion panel on Copyright, Collection Societies and Digital Platforms with Patrick Mathieu from French Copyright collection society, SACEM. We had a wonderful time at Xchange this November and would like to extend our gratitude and praise to the entire Indiearth team who faced many struggles before and after Xchange, owing to the torrential rains that flooded the city and brought it to a standstill. Big praise and congratulations to the entire team on such wonderful execution despite all the hurdles.

Clients, Friends and Family:

Artistik License began as an information repository intended to help empower artists and creative entrepreneurs with knowledge that has usually been inaccessible owing to it’s exclusivity, cost or complicated language. Needless to say, Artistik License grows everyday because of its readers, followers, clients and supporters. 2015 saw us building and growing our network to a different level. Our clients comprised musicians, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, writers and film-makers who are working on a range of projects from composing original music to developing prototypes of wearable technology. With every client we take on, we learn something new and we look forward to helping the creative community more this coming year. To all of you who helped us, supported us, gave us good counsel and inspired us to do more – we are thankful to you. Thank you for making 2015 so special.

While we were happy to have so many of you be a part of our journey through 2015, we look forward to working, meeting and connecting with the creative community even more this year. So please do feel free to get in touch with us and stay tuned to learn more about how all of us together are affecting the way we view culture, law, creativity and business in today’s world.

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