Watch & Learn: Rave New World

We’re going to check it out and see how they turn a national monument into an experimental performance space.

What is Rave New World?

Rave New World is a series by Thump, an electronic music and culture channel owned by publication house Vice. The series focuses on showcasing dance culture and mixed media art from across the globe. The first episode of this series is set in Krakow, Poland, and talks about Unsound, an annual underground music and visual arts festival with a line-up that is in accordance with a theme, specially chosen for each edition. The theme of Unsound 2016, as featured in this episode of Rave New World, is ‘surprise’, which — as the show’s host, Zach Sokol tells us — is taken to bizarre lengths by keeping the festival’s headliners secret until the actual performances.

What are some of the things that stood out for us?

The episode, about 15 minutes long, isn’t going to take very long to watch, and contains more than enough information to pique your interest. The episode does a good job of providing viewers with an insight into Unsound by discussing the uniqueness of the chosen venues and artists, making it clear that the festival is not just about the music, but the performances and the experiences of those witnessing them. Minimalist interviews with the artists also help viewers understand the motives behind the performances, enhancing the mystique around these underground shows and architectural spaces. The interviews with the masked musicians (taking the theme rather seriously) as well as music producer Jlin and movement artist Avril (who we interviewed previously here) definitely gave us a sense of the kind of artistic atmosphere Unsound has been encouraging over the past few years.

Why you should watch it?

Rave New World asks you to think about dance culture, visual design and experimental art in a way that you might not expect. It’s a surprising and satisfying way to learn more about creativity, collaboration and expression in world of contemporary digital art and technology. Funny, simple and relaxed on purpose, the series is still honest enough to make you want to sit up and broaden your understanding of art, culture and society.

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