2016 – The Year In Review

If we had to pick one word to summarize Artistik License in 2016, it would be ‘growth’. We’ve witnessed an expansion in our network, our team, as well as our organizational vision this past year, making 2016 an important milestone on our growth chart.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Artistik License was always intended to be a hub or network for artists and creative professionals. This past year we have sought to collaborate and partner with other organizations that are making big steps towards re-imagining the creative landscape, both in India and abroad.

One of our treasured partnerships of 2016 has been with Bangalore-based maker space, Workbench Projects. Engaged in a number of interesting projects that involve creativity, carpentry, software and technology, Workbench Projects is a haven for those who seek support in creating cutting edge applications of daily objects, devices, and sometimes, traditional designs. We had the opportunity to engage with the participants of Workbench Project’s ‘Idea Currency’ event that provided students with a platform to create prototypes and solutions for problems, new and old.

At Workbench Projects, Bangalore, India

Travel and Trade Events

In July 2016, Artistik License’s founder was invited to the MEG Pro and the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival held in Montreal, Canada. The festivals provided a number of opportunities to network with music industry professionals from the Canadian and American music markets. With a number of internationally renowned performers taking the stage, both festivals offered us a great insight into the popularity of such large-scale music events as well as the impact these festivals have on the local economy and music scene.

October 2016 saw us returning to WOMEX, with our founder having been invited to conduct mentoring sessions for creative professionals seeking legal advice. Our second time at WOMEX, we were happy to reconnect with some friends and make new ones, all the while soaking in the discussions and performances that took place at the expo, in the city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


We rounded off the year by attending IndiEarth XChange 2016, held annually in Chennai by IndiEarth and EarthSync, where we had been invited to present a workshop delving into the importance of artist rights in an era of new mediums and new modes of creative expression.  We were received with great enthusiasm and our team had a wonderful time meeting old friends and new.

Publications and Content

Artistik License started out as a project to create information resources and repositories for the creative community — something we revisited in a big way in 2016. Thanks to the contributions of our research associate, Koka Tarini Siddhartha, and our editor, Aman Mahajan, our blog has also featured a lot more interesting and relevant original content. We have organized our articles into four separate series:

  1. Mind Your Own Business — a series that features interviews with creative professionals who offer their advice and share their experiences within their industry
  2. News & Cues — a series that provides regular updates on developments in the creative and entertainment industry as well as business and legal concepts for artists
  3. Watch & Learn — a series that recommends and reviews documentaries, movies and episodic series that bring us closer to an understanding of various art forms, as well as of how the business and legal machinery around them works
  4. Spotlight — a series that features our inputs on events, conferences and discussions that are constantly transforming the cultural and creative landscape

Besides our online articles, we have also undertaken to compile and publish our first set of intellectual property handbooks for artists, as well as our first ever Artistik License Yearbook — a compilation of selected pieces written in 2016.

Clients, Friends and Mentors

As always, we at Artistik License are grateful for all the good work we go to do in 2016. We met many more artists and creative people last year including visual artists, musicians, venue owners, music producers and festival directors; people who wear multiple hats and remind us of why we love doing what we do. We also had the opportunity to look to others for support, mentorship and counsel whenever needed — something we do not take lightly and are very thankful for.

2017 looks to be a year of transition, challenge and change. We would be happy to be a part of your journeys, and welcome you to join ours as well. Here’s to another year of good work and strengthening artist rights the world over.

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