What is Artistik License?

Artistik License is dedicated to addressing the needs of artists and creative entrepreneurs everywhere, with particular emphasis on their unique legal and business queries.

Beginning as a blog, Artistik License has grown into a consultancy focusing on creative professionals and innovators that are working towards enriching our cultural and scientific experiences. In a time where content means everything, we want to make sure that content creators don’t go unrewarded and unprotected. To this end, we provide specialized legal assistance, educational resources and above all, strive to create a strong sense of community among creators from all backgrounds.

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At Artistik License, we ask the right questions keeping in mind that your creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit come first. So whether you’re seeking assistance on legal procedures, participating in informative workshops or looking for answers to your special questions, Artistik License ensures that your needs are met in the most suitable, affordable and convenient way possible.

We hope that Artistik License can help you achieve your biggest potential, and are excited to work with artists, startups and creative professionals towards changing the world. So what are you waiting for – drop us a message and tell us how we can help you.