Knowledge equals power. Knowledge leads to empowerment. 

In an effort to further the cause of rights awareness for creative professionals, Artistik License regularly organizes workshops and hosts discussion groups for artists, entrepreneurs, makers, lawyers, design and music schools. Our aim is to empower creators through a working knowledge of the law, so that they can make informed decisions about their creations and their careers. Through our discussions, we hope to remind content creators that they hold the power to make the best decisions for themselves and their creative endeavours.

How do our workshops work?

Artistik License is happy to organize a customized workshop or information session that focuses on the needs of your creative business and discipline. Whether you’re looking for a day-long intensive program, a more relaxed set of discussions, an online course or an informal fireside chat for your startup and students, we can deliver the sessions you desire in the format that works best for you, keeping in mind your time, resources and budgetary requirements.

What have we done so far?

We’ve had a great time delivering workshops to a range of wonderful participants including;

  • A comprehensive and interactive 4 day workshop for the international students of the Trans-cultural Design Program at L’ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, that explored the various legal nuances of the study of design and business.
  • An Artist Rights Workshop for the final year performance arts students of Christ University where we delivered a one time session focusing on the intellectual property, performance and contractual rights that the law guarantees them.
  • A specialized legal workshop for musicians and film makers at Indiearth Xchange 2014 covering an introduction into copyright for creative professionals and a special Q&A section.
  • An ongoing DIY Law series that is completely free and has been developed to make legal information easily accessible for creators and startups (Follow us on facebook and twitter to learn when the next session is up)

We do have a few ideas and workshop modules that might help you make a choice but feel free to drop in your requests via this form.