How does Artistik License help artists and creative entrepreneurs?

At Artistik License, we offer legal counsel and services that aim to help all artists, creative entrepreneurs and startups. Whether it’s reviewing or drawing up contracts, undertaking some kind of research or ¬†setting up a workshop specially designed for your school, company or friends, Artistik License can help you out with its unique approach to artist rights and law, thanks to our insights into the scene, our experience and specialized skills in Entertainment law, Intellectual Property Rights and business. If you have any questions, then do go ahead and get in touch with us and we will help you out.

What is the cost of the services provided?

We would be happy to provide you with details of our costs for the various services provided. Please do write in to us to learn more.

Can Artistik License help me find answers to some really basic questions about the law?

Artistik License started out as a project dedicated to creating an information repository on legal news and industry issues relevant to anyone working in the entertainment and innovation sectors. We are happy to say that our information repositories are still going strong and offer answers as well as news flashes on what’s happening in the entertainment, creative and startup industries. Many of our clients are indie artists and creative startups, so we’re not shy about posting articles and blog posts on even the most basic of questions. You can find answers to most of your questions on our blog or our specially curated, collection of original articles.

Is there somewhere I can go to find out about upcoming workshops, discussions and events?

All information relating to our upcoming workshops, discussion groups, events and collaborations can be found by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Another great way to stay in touch with us is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, the Creative Spark where we give you a round up of what we’ve been upto and what we’ve learnt the past month.

Can I customize workshops, even if I’m part of a small group?

Absolutely! We are happy to talk to you and make sure your needs and requirements for the best workshop experience are met, regardless of the size of your group. The best thing to do is to make sure you describe all your specifications when you customise your workshop.

Is it possible for me to collaborate, intern or work with Artistik License?

We at Artistik License are always on the look out for interesting collaborations and projects. If you would like to work with us or write for our blog, then please don’t be shy to get in touch with us. We also love having interns and we encourage applications from law students, art and design students, music students – anyone with an interest to learn more about the confluence of culture, creativity, economics and the law.

What kind of research work does Artistik License engage in?

Art, innovation and technology are constantly seeking to reflect and address the changes in our society. Appreciating the dynamics of our culture, we are always engaging ourselves in studying and understanding important legal issues in the creative landscape. We also undertake research assignments and compile sector specific research reports for companies, organisations and collectives. To get a sense of what we are up to, you can always look up our research and projects section or write in to us with your proposals.

I would like to feature content from Artistik License – do I need your permission?

The content that we make available on our website is original and specially curated for you. While we’re happy for you to read and openly share our resources (because they are after all, meant for you) we would appreciate it if you would inform us before incorporating, adapting or reproducing our content anywhere else over the internet and in other mediums of publication.



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