Legal Services

How does the law enrich the lives of Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs? 

Artistry and innovation cannot thrive in a vacuum and now more than ever, the world needs to encourage systems that inspire, nurture and sustain creativity. Sound legal advice can provide creators with the support they require by helping them control the outcome, distribution and usage of their creations. Whether it’s clarifying terms of royalty payments or ensuring the proper attribution of credit, a basic understanding of the law can help artists and entrepreneurs make the most of their ideas.

How can Artistik License help? 

Finding the right legal solutions can be quite a task, but here at Artistik License, we aim to provide you the answers you’re looking for in customized formats that are easy on your resources and tough on your problems. Our services extend to providing you with;

  •  Advice related to an overview analysis or legal diligence of your product, service and creative initiative
  • Assistance with negotiating and reviewing existing and future terms of clients and projects
  • Drafting basic and clear documentation for a range of creative projects
  • Advice related to necessary legal procedures and filing
  • Research and exploration of issues critical to your business, career or startup

 So far we have been able to do some great work with some great people

  • We have assisted musicians in reviewing and re-drafting recording contracts  focussing on their best interests
  • We have drafted management agreements for artist managers in the fields of music and the visual arts
  • We have advised designers working in user experience, augmented reality and product design
  • We have provided solutions to legal queries from startups in the technology and social sectors
  • We have advised film makers on critical issues related to the usage, distribution and monetization of content
  • We have advised writers on their publishing agreements on issues arising out of their terms and conditions
  • We have reviewed agreements for a number of indie artists and startups from a diverse range of disciplines