Requested Workshops

Here are some of the workshops we’ve been requested to do. If you’re interested in a workshop for your own company, friends or colleagues, you can make a request here.


IP Workshop for students of the Trans-cultural Design Program at L’ecole de Design Nantes AtlantiqueBangalore: A comprehensive 4 day workshop that explored the various intellectual property rights and their relationship with art and design. Full of discussions and interesting case studies, the sessions highlighted the need for lawyers and designers to develop a better understanding of each other’s work.


Artist Rights Workshop for the final year performance arts students of Christ University, Bangalore: The workshop covered the entire gamut of rights and legal concepts that prove important to performance artists in India. The workshop was designed to equip young artists with basic legal tools that might enrich their careers as creative professionals, and included discussion on basic IPRs, legal pointers and contract drafting.