Here are some of our articles and research papers as featured in other publications. If you would like assistance with a research project or proposal, then please do get in touch with us.

Independent Artist Concern in the indian Music Industry: This paper seeks to provide a preliminary insight into the the concerns and problems facing contemporary indie musicians in India. These concerns are not new but remain largely unresolved and ignored. This paper seeks to change that by sparking discussion among readers. 

(Originally published by the NY based ARChive of Contemporary Music for their online event, India Music Week 2013)  Read here

Music Festivals: What musicians ought to look out for: This articles provides readers with a a few basic legal pointers to safeguard your professional and aesthetic concerns as an artist playing at a music festival. These pointers are not exhaustive, nor are they mandatory or necessary to be expressed in complicated legal jargon – instead you could use these pointers as a check-list or guide.

(Originally published by IndiEarth for their blog, November 2013)  Read here

When your idea is not your idea anymore: This piece helps readers better understand the notion that ideas are not necessarily protected by law. It also helps readers understand how to work around that, and to take a chance with new ideas but at the same time, take the necessary precautions to protect their intellectual property.

(Originally published by Explocity BangaloreMag) Read here