Manojna Yeluri

Manojna Yeluri is the founder and principal legal consultant of Artistik License. She is an independent legal consultant and researcher, passionate about working with artists and professionals in various creative industries. Based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad, she advises artists and entrepreneurs on a range of legal issues by way of her website, specialized workshops, lectures and consultations. She undertakes research on important issues affecting the business of culture and has been invited to several platforms including WOMEX.

As a member of the legal fraternity, Manojna has had the opportunity to work with some astute legal scholars and institutions. She graduated from the NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad, India with a BA.LLB (Honours) and earned an LLM or Master’s Degree from the UCLA School of Law, specializing in Entertainment, Media and Intellectual Property Law. She has previously worked with a corporate law firm, a digital legal publishing/education platform as well as a policy-research think tank. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. You can get a more comprehensive idea about her professional experience here.

Manojna grew up living and travelling between several Indian and international cities. She has had the opportunity to live, study and work with a number of interesting people and appreciates the various cultural nuances that characterize our societies. Coming from a family of bankers, journalists, actors and musicians, Manojna had the opportunity to learn and appreciate various art forms, early in her life. Her work with Artistik License is a manifestation of her deep-rooted respect for the arts and the artistic, blended with her skills acquired from a legal education.

Manojna Yeluri is available for consultation and can be reached on Please email her to find out more about how to seek an appointment with her.