Aman Mahajan

Aman Mahajan is an editor at Artistik License, managing content across our platforms.

An Indian pianist, composer, bandleader and music teacher, Mahajan works with improvised music across a plethora of musical idioms. Having worked with musicians of a wide variety of nationalities, cultural backgrounds and musical styles, he is interested in improvisation as a medium of exploration and communication, apart from its relevance as a more traditional art form.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Mahajan is presently based in Bangalore, India, where he leads jazz/world ensemble REFUGE and teaches music. His music is influenced by traditional and contemporary music from around the world, and deeply inspired by a sense of unity and connection. Owing to his work as a musician, Mahajan is effective at helping build connections and provide contextual relevance to the work undertaken at Artistik License.

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