Koka Tarini Siddhartha

Koka Tarini Siddhartha works as a Research Associate for Artistik License, leading the research efforts for the various projects, studies and surveys carried out by Artistik License. Originally from Coimbatore, Tarini graduated with a BA. LLB from the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore. With a family that has always advocated for her involvement in the arts, Tarini’s passion for the combined study of law and art led her to working with Artistik License.
Tarini loves to read, play sports, travel, watch movies, listen to music and is a big fan of podcasts, tea and dogs. The creative industry is the biggest influence in her life and is also an irreplaceable source of entertainment which is another reason why she chooses to help creative entrepreneurs do what they love in order to ensure that they are aware of their rights and know how to enforce them as well.
Tarini can be reached on tarini@artistiklicense.org. Please email her to find out more about how to seek an appointment with Artistik License.